Someone Tied One On Last Night

We won’t get any work out of him today!

The usual cast of wonderful characters showed up last night…Suzette, Fausta, Jim, Gregor and special guest RealJeffS. What to serve these fine folks?

Well, use the peppers from below, fill them with a mixture of cream cheese, shredded cheddar, minced onion and chopped chorizo; wrap them in bacon and on to the grill for about an hour for the bacon to get crisp…ah, ABTs

and to compliment the ABTs I made some moinks: little meatloaves wrapped in more bacon

served with two sauces for dipping (finger by Gregor)

one is a vinegary barbecue sauce and the other is Orange Marmalade Sriracha, which is a nice combination of sweetness and heat.

Oh, and there was cow

I took a whole NY Strip, 13ish pounds or so, trimmed off a lot of the fat, and let it sit out for an hour

gave it a good coating of Montreal seasoning and put it on the smoker (using both cherry and birch for flavor) at 300ΒΊ or so. It took about 2 hours for it to come up to 127ΒΊ internally, brought it in, foiled it and let it rest while I grilled the asparagus and got the crashed spuds ready

then sliced that Mooing Beauty up

It was pretty darn yum. A nice soft smokiness throughout, and the strip had the consistency of fine roast beef. A neat change from just grilling up a bunch of steaks!

Then there were a variety of desserts found near the just-about-empty gin bottle

Jim brought his guitar, a few more bottles somehow emptied

and a wonderful evening with great folks drew to a close about six hours after it began.

And I’m off to put the few leftover ABTs and moinks into a skillet to be re-heated for my brunch…

37 Responses to “Someone Tied One On Last Night”

  1. tree hugging sister says:

    I am SEETHING with resentment…jealousy…and spewing hateful rhetoric at the sheer distance ‘twixt here and there that prevents us from popping over and invading these fabulous fetes of yours.


  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    I blame Sarah Palin for your rhetoric.

  3. Paco says:

    Bingley, old fellow! Mere words cannot express my disappointment at missing the annual Bingley Blast. Glad to hear that a good time was had by all, and that Jeff got there safely. And the vittles! Your post looks like a brochure from a Brazilian steakhouse.

  4. Suzette says:

    Mooing Beauty is right. I never in my life have had a finer piece of beef. Thank you, Bingley for a lovely evening and a super meal. Moinks!

  5. Ebola says:

    Good god, you let Jeff over? πŸ˜›

  6. Dr Alice says:

    Bingley, that spread looks absolutely OUTSTANDING… wish I could’ve been there. I’m glad you all had such a good time.

    P.S. What’s ABT stand for?

  7. Jim - PRS says:

    Many, many thanks to you and the Bingley family for the excellent drinks, wonderful food and positively fabulous company. Had a great time.

    Please send me the recipe for the moinks. I’m already experiencing withdrawal.

  8. Fausta says:

    Thank you Mr & Mrs Bingley for the spectacular food, drink, and company. It was an honor, a pleasure, and a feast!

  9. Yojimbo says:

    Dr. Alice: “ABT”=Another Bingley Triumph.

    I hope you realize that those pictures constitute an extreme form of torture. The Geneva Convention people are on line one.

  10. Mr. Bingley says:

    Hehe, actually it stands for “Atomic Buffalo Turds”. Sometimes the jalapenos get pretty hot!

  11. gregor says:

    As always, thanks for you and your family’s wonderful hospitality. It was great seeing everyone again.

  12. Rob says:

    That’s gotta be a friendly pup. We had friendlies, too. When we had people over, it was sensory overload. They were always stiff the next day. πŸ™‚

  13. Julie says:

    Wow. If you ever open a restaurant, I’m there! (I’m thinking the name should be… “Claude’s”!)

  14. JeffS says:

    Mr. B, again, thanks for the superb hospitality and wonderful food. Great guests, singing, drinking, jokes, stories…and Claude, hovering around the edges, acting (but not looking) starved!

    As I said on the phone, National Airport was a breeze, Chicago-O’Hare, anything but. I got there, and had to wait an extra 4 hours to fly to Seattle, thanks for freezing rain. Bleah, now I don’t get home until Tuesday afternoon.

    And typing this in a cramped seat on a crowded bumpy flight ain’t easy….but I wanted to see your flood blogging!!!!!

  15. […] understand that the commonly accepted defintion of a moink is “die and go to heaven.” Wanna see? It bears noting that those Gin and Tonic cupcakes on the dessert table were made by Gregor. Gin in […]

  16. Kate P says:

    Wow, what a yummy fun time. Is there anything bacon can’t make yummier?

  17. LeeAnn says:

    Holy crap, I gained ten pounds just looking at the pictures.
    Yum to the num.

  18. Laura says:

    OH HELL NOES. Where was my invite?

  19. Mr. Bingley says:

    I didn’t want you to miss Cape Fear, Laura.

  20. Laura says:

    Ohh okay. Maybe next time.

  21. […] consider the Albolene conspiracy, outlined by Suzette, who along with Fausta attended a soiree at Bingley’s, whose blog mentioned us favorably over the weekend, and whose birthday it is today. So go over […]

  22. Mr. Bingley says:

    It’s amazing how quickly that gin bottle got…lighter.

  23. Do I have to give my REAL name? says:

    You have illegally and unconstitutionally posted pictures of food without recipes. The FDA, HHS,FBI and Interpol will be over immediately to investigate.

    Would it be possible for the genius chef de maison to post the gin & tonic cupcake recipe?

  24. Mr. Bingley says:

    I’ll ask gregor for his recipe!

  25. Rob says:

    Don’t bother, Mr B. They can just go to WikiLeaks like everyone else. πŸ™‚

  26. Do I have to give my REAL name? says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Cupcakes for everyone!

  27. Mr. Bingley says:

    We live to serve, real name!

  28. gregor says:

    I have to confess I more than doubled the amount of gin called for in the icing… I couldn’t even taste it when I followed the recipe. I would start with the suggested amount and go from there.

  29. JeffS says:

    The cup cakes were tasty, gregor! Admittedly, I had quaffed four beers by then, but it takes more than that to numb my taste bufs.

  30. JeffS says:

    “taste buDs”. Must be the beer, even so long after the event….

  31. Mr. Bingley says:

    Doubled the amount of gin in the icing or doubled the amount in you?

  32. Teresa says:

    Okay I’m still catching up on all this. A belated Happy Birthday to you Mr. Bingley!!! And OMG I’m sooo hungry now. That looks spectacular. With all those fabulous peeps in attendance it could be nothing less than a fantastic time. Like your sister I am soooo jealous. LOL.

  33. Jim - PRS says:

    Gregor doubled the gin. Yes!!!

  34. Posting with my Real Name... Mori says:

    Couldn’t take the gin! That is, well, CRIMINAL!

    Considering that I get drunk on 1 glass of wine on an empty stomach, I will go easy on the gin. On second thought, depending on the day, I may skip the cupcakes all together and stick with straight gin.

  35. Mr. Bingley says:

    Welcome aboard, Mori!

    The gin was very subtle…

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