Sometimes They ALL

just make me sick.

Republicans feel withdrawal of troops must begin in the next six months for their party to have any chance at retaining the presidency in 2008

By God, when hanging on to the White House is driving policy ~ vice conscience, duty and honor ~ we’ve doomed ourselves.
I guess no one worries about having to live with themselves afterwards, as long as afterwards, they still get to live in Washington.

7 Responses to “Sometimes They ALL

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:


  2. Rue-Mur says:

    You’re absolutely right, and wrong, you know? You’re so right to be disgusted with the class clowns we have in Congress who, since they were old enough to vote for themselves, have only been bent on getting elected to anything and living the good life at the expense of everyone else. You’re wrong, in my humble opinion, to think that a six month (though I’d say twelve month) window isn’t reasonable to expect from these idiots (Bush et al, Repo’s and Damn’s). Both parties have lost contact with the American people! Now, if you came out for trashing the two pathetic excuses for Parties we have now and for starting two new ones, I’d agree with you on that 1000000%. I know it’s a real hassle and the last time it was done was in the 1850’s, but it sure seems like it’s high time we do it again. We’re only delaying the job; and the longer we do, the worse it’s going to be for everyone.

  3. Firehand says:

    Any politician who is willing to betray the people and their oath of office just to try to keep/get their party in power or keep their own butt in office should be removed from office immediately. I don’t give a damn what party they belong to.

  4. Rue-Mur says:

    Firehand, I’m afraid we’re going to have to do what you suggest; and fast. Can’t think of a single elected clown in the Federal Government that isn’t “willing to betray the people and their oath of office just to try to keep/get their party in power or keep their own butt in office”. Slightly more than half (the Demo’s) are nothing but French-speaking Neo-Com’s, bent on turning us –lock, stock,and gun barrels– over to the UN for proper care and cleaning, in accordance with the gospel of St Marx. The rest (the Goppers) are inept, idiots of the worst kind, fools who wrap themselves in the flag and run from everything and anything that even smells like it might be a fight with the wierdos on the other side of the asile; and when they’re in the majority, what do they do, they try to steal as much as they can form the treasury and wrap it up in pretty bows and hand it out to themselves and their families and friends. When the Goppers get thrown out of office, what do they do? They revert to acting like they’re our faithful protectors once again without missing a beat of the drum (their drum:-). You know, we should never ever elect another anyone to more than one term in any office! And we should never ever again elect anyone with a @#$%$# law degree!

  5. gregdn says:

    How is supporting a time line for withdrawing troops ‘betraying the oath of office’?

  6. Mr. Bingley says:

    So letting the electoral calendar dictate their policy decisions fulfills their oaths, gregdn?

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