Sorry, But I Can’t Get Too Worked Up About Heroin Deaths

It seems there’s a rash of folks dying in Michigan from either ‘bad’ heroin or od-ing from mixing it with another drug; the article isn’t that clear:

Another person died from a probable drug overdose, Wayne County health officials reported Monday, bringing the toll to 48 people who have died since May 19.
Even though the number was dropping from the multiple deaths per day, health officials aren’t ready to say the deadly overdose spurt is tapering off.
Toxicology results won’t be available for several weeks, but health officials say they believe the deaths have been caused by a dangerous combination of heroin or cocaine and the painkiller fentanyl.

Whatever. My pitymeter is pegged pretty low for people who are doing that stuff. What the hell do you expect to happen, idjits?

2 Responses to “Sorry, But I Can’t Get Too Worked Up About Heroin Deaths”

  1. nobrainer says:

    I think they their families should file a class-action suit against the manufacturer.

  2. John says:

    Of the heroin or the fentanyl?

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