Sorry, Elliot ~ “It’s Mine, All MINE!!!” Edition

Seems he gets to keep it.

Court dismisses more claims in Grasso case: report

A New York court has dismissed more claims against former New York Stock Exchange chief Richard Grasso brought by state officials who want him to return part of his $187.5 million pay package, CNBC reported on Tuesday.

4 Responses to “Sorry, Elliot ~ “It’s Mine, All MINE!!!” Edition”

  1. Erica says:

    I love that cartoon!! Down, down, down…mine, mine, mine!! Hassan…CHOP!

  2. “This doesn’t look like Pismo Beach!”

    Hahahaha, me, too, Erica! And what a POI-fect guy to use it on, if I do say so myself. {8^P

  3. nightfly says:

    Consequences, shmonsequences – as long as I’m rich…

  4. Mat Larson says:

    IIRC, this was one of those brilliant moves by Elliot Spitzer when he was NY’s AG. The gift that keeps on giving…

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