Sounds Like a Certain Lawyer Might Be Tap Dancing

…to a different tune, maybe the “Up to the Big House on the River Dance”?

What would you do if a lawyer threatened, “Give me a million dollars or my client and I will publicly brand you as a rapist and destroy your life?”
On July 27, the California Supreme Court expanded the range of choices possible to one man who was presented with that threat.
The dance phenomenon Michael Flatley of Riverdance fame can proceed not only with a lawsuit for defamation against his accuser but also with one for extortion against her lawyer.
…In January 2003, Mauro sent Flatley a letter on Robertson’s behalf in which he demanded a “seven figure” settlement; his fee would be 40 percent.
…Court documents show he threatened to send news releases to media outlets such as Fox News and the Chicago Tribune. He continued, “Any and all information, including Immigration, Social Security Issuances and Use, and IRS and various State Tax Levies and information will be exposed.We are positive the media worldwide will enjoy what they find.”
John Brandon, one of Flatley’s attorneys, further attested that Mauro warned him, “I know the tour dates [of Flatley’s shows]; I am not kidding about this; it will be publicized every place [the dancer] goes for the rest of his life.”

The ‘victim’ is a real hot number, too…

…In October 2002, Flatley and his accuser Tyna Marie Robertson had a sexual encounter in a Las Vegas hotel. Twenty-five days later, she called Nevada from Illinois to report a rape.
…(Robertson was also in the news last year for litigation surrounding the claim that Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher fathered her child and, so, should pay her support; DNA tests confirmed his paternity. According to private investigator Ernie Rizzo, who worked for both Flatley and Urlacher, Robertson has had other relationships with wealthy and famous men that ended in litigation.)

major dad asked “Who’s that friend of yours that always says ‘F*ckin’ lawyers‘?” That would be DaveJ, wise man that he is.
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6 Responses to “Sounds Like a Certain Lawyer Might Be Tap Dancing”

  1. No, that would be ME. Dave stole it from me.

  2. Nightfly says:

    Well, in this case, the problem isn’t the f-ing lawyer, but the client f-ing.

  3. [grumblegrumblegrumbleMyGod,mangrumbleyou’regrumbleagrumblef*ckingrumblepi$$ygrumblemonkeygrumblegrumble]

  4. Nightfly says:

    Heheheheh. “Pi$$y Grumble Monkey.” I may need to use that as my new sig line.

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