Sounds Like Victor Hugo Wrote This

In France, as elsewhere, these places were built as oases of green, Le Corbusier’s famous streets in the sky, the diametric opposite of the tight lanes and lightless slums from whence the working class emerged blinking into the light of social policy.

Sheer poetry. Excellent piece on France and Britain’s ‘isolated blocks’. As well as a whiff of what stinks in France. One name repeated through decades might explain why it took him twelve days to notice the country going up in flames.

Officially Paris, too, boasts social housing in its centre, much of it in wonderful Beaux Arts buildings. But it is almost exclusively occupied by the friends and mistresses of ministers and mayors, as was so shockingly revealed in the Elf corruption scandals recently and other “affaires” during the time President Jacques Chirac was mayor of Paris.

Le grande frommage is rotten to the curds and whey.

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