Sounds Like We Got Us

…a pi$$in’ match.

Four and a half months after Hurricane Katrina blew through Louisiana, a bit of Mississippi envy is in the air.
…Before Congress adjourned last year, it passed a hurricane aid package that included up to $6.2 billion in grant money for Louisiana and $5.3 billion for Mississippi, the two states hardest-hit by Hurricane Katrina. But Louisiana officials say that getting 54 percent of the Community Development Block Grant money — the most it can get under the law — is nowhere near enough for the level of damage to homes, schools, hospitals and businesses, which they say far overshadows the destruction in Mississippi and the other Gulf Coast states.

I think Mississippi would beg to differ ~ a lot of those folks are feelin’ like the country thinks New Orleans had the only hurricane this year.

2 Responses to “Sounds Like We Got Us”

  1. Laura says:

    Forget the pissing match issue. The fact is that LA politicians simply cannot be trusted with the rebuilding money and they should not have it. I’ve posted twice on specifics, but the fact is I could post something new every day if I cared to make the effort, and that’s on both the local and national levels. The MSM is giving William Jefferson (D-LA) a free pass on what will hopefully land him in jail before the year is out. His aide just pled guilty to two bribery counts, and the Feds found a bunch of unexplained cash in Jefferson’s freezer. If Jefferson had an R after his name you can bet it would be all over the news. I have no idea about the honesty of MS pols. But I can say with certitude that LA politicians are so corrupt, that even though it affects me personally to have the cash cut off – I live in the parish adjacent to New Orleans – it’s worth doing. We need to keep the money stopped up at least until after the next election, or else find some way to put serious strings and oversight on it. Or both. Yes, definitely both.

  2. A Warm Swill Welcome, Laura! And thank you for the update and insights. (About one of my favoritest places on earth. I used to do the Bywater Art Market every other month before Ivan schmacked us here, so we know it well.)
    And you have to be kidding ~ cash in the freezer? How Tony Soprano! Your comments remind of my favorite quote from a post on down the main page:

    …”A lot of people in Washington see Louisiana as a banana republic and New Orleans as a kind of zoo,”

    Uh, yeah we do.
    And again, welcome aboard!

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