Spam Of The Day

This comment is from our long-time reader “Natural Colon Cleansing” who writes

I find the content here absolutely fantastic. I just love it.

I’m honored to provide the type of content that “Natural Colon Cleansing” loves.

5 Responses to “Spam Of The Day”

  1. Gary from Jersey says:

    I hope you give THS some credit, too.

  2. Yojimbo says:

    Dunno, he didn’t refer to your site as “efficacious” or “organic”. I think it’s all the cached(preserved) Bingley goodness.

  3. nightfly says:

    See? Nobody believed you when you said someone high up in the White House was reading the blog. Now we know!

  4. Paco says:

    Has your blog been approved by the FDA?

  5. Mark says:

    I’m guessing it’s the large amount animal protein sacrificed to the Weber gods on this blog… I think in you he sees someone in need of his services.

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