Spam Quote Of The Day

I have to outgoing Secretary of State, to support your office landlord. Your talent is far from capable.

I really can’t argue with that.

6 Responses to “Spam Quote Of The Day”

  1. JeffS says:

    I suppose that the e-mail address is from .gov, hmmmmm?

  2. Rob says:

    “Support your office landlord”

    Wasn’t that a James Garner movie?

  3. Dr Alice says:

    Your talent is far from capable
    I resemble that remark!

  4. Syd says:

    “Your talent is far from capable”

    That’s exactly what my golf pro told me on the weekend.

  5. nightfly says:

    PS – I also notation the Vice-President, in complementary style. His thought is less than adequate.

  6. major dad says:

    Speaking of the Vice Prez, Joe “Bite Me” Biden is here in P-cola, disrupting traffic. If you weren’t off the base by 2:30 you are stuck there till 6:00. I wouldn’t be at all pissed off…

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