Speaking of Things That Make Me Say, “Oh, HAY-ELL, Yes!” First Thing in the Morning

Gereghty’s answer to Bob “Shit-for-Brains” Costas in the Morning Jolt:

Enough ‘We’re All Responsible for Acts of Horror’ Nonsense

…Okay, once and for all: Enough with this ‘we’re all to blame, we must all struggle to prevent tragedy’ bullcrap. Because none of us had anything to do with the actions of Jovan Belcher. You and I and every other reader of this newsletter and about 99.999 percent of the American people prevent these sorts of tragedies every day… by not committing them, and by never seriously contemplating considering them. We are not all ticking time bombs, one stressful day away from committing mass murder. If we were, civilization would collapse.

Show our sons there is another way”? News flash, pal, the vast majority of the fathers you encounter do exactly that, every day, day in and day out. And the ones that do need to be reminded to tell their sons that you can solve problems without firearms aren’t reading CNN.com.

Who had already broken windows over a woman in college?

Like the one who shot his girlfriend, mother of his three-month-old child, in FRONT of his own mother, NINE TIMES…after spending the night with another woman?

…In the parking lot of the practice facility at 1 Arrowhead Drive, Belcher encountered Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli. Belcher stepped out of his Bentley with a gun pointed at his own head, police said.

“I did it,” he said, according to police. “I killed her.”

Club officials knew about the couple’s problems. The Chiefs had provided counseling and “were bending over backward” to help, Sharp said.

But Belcher told Pioli that the assistance wasn’t enough to fix their problems and now, “It was too late.”

You mean THAT paragon of teachable moments?

One Response to “Speaking of Things That Make Me Say, “Oh, HAY-ELL, Yes!” First Thing in the Morning”

  1. JeffS says:

    I’m sick of the left refusing to own up to their mistakes and misconceptions. People die because of that attitude. What Jim Gereghty says is truth.

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