Speaking of Tolkien

Somebody asked me “Why don’t you write more on LOTR?” I dunno.
Look, I love Lord of the Rings; my beloved and much-dog-earred copy was given to me in 1975, fer goodness sake, and it’s falling apart from being read a gazillion times. In the late 70s I was fairly proficient in written Dwarvish (I never could figure out Elvish, although I was quite a hounddog in college…). “Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age” is one of the finest chapters ever to spring from the mind of any man. I watch “The Ride of the Rohirrim” once a month with the surround sound friggin’ cranked and I blubber like a baby through it. But it’s just not something I write a lot about, and there are so many other folks who do it so much better.
Want to meet for a beer (or six) sometime? We’ll discuss all of his related writings for hours; hell, even a few of his unrelated writings. But I don’t see me writing about it any time soon. Unless I do.
I will, however, link to Dwarf and Elf Jokes.
And gnomes are an entirely different matter.

One Response to “Speaking of Tolkien”

  1. Swampy goes bigtime

    Our Swilling friends, including the LOTR-hating Mr. Bingley, are getting wide exposure, not only in the land down under, but in Alta Mexico. I just hope their heads don’t swell until they forget all us little people. Especially us Irish…

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