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I was actually reading a book about this guy tonight when I saw this on Zerohedge.

There’s a reason they call it the “dismal” science.

3 Responses to “Spend 20 Minutes”

  1. JeffS says:

    Smart dude. Wish there were more people like him.

  2. JeffS says:

    “I had bet against America. And won.”

    “I saw the crisis coming. Why did not the Fed?”

    And then he was harassed by the Feds. For asking questions.

    “That ignorance is willful.” How true, how true. Especially in government.

    “Especially at the highest levels of government, questions are not tolerated.” Can’t say about economics, but it’s certainly true in other areas.

    Declines everywhere, huh? “I am simply describing what is already happening.” Yup. That’s certainly true.

    “First, do no harm.” I wish this were a standard practice amongst all professions.

    Dismal science indeed. But he offers good advice for any profession. I wish someone had given me this advice when I graduated from college.

    Thanks for sharing, Mr. B; it was worth the 20 minutes.

  3. Greg Newsom says:

    Ross Perot predicted all this and was mocked by the Media and all the young vegan,one- world
    wackos. The problem is the guy who introduces Burry has an English accent.How come 60 percent of the professors and doctors in America come from foreign countries? Because Americans are stupid?No, because we are led by traitors.

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