‘Splain Me This

After all the death, destruction and dire warnings about the Iraqi Constitutional referendum ~ when it actually goes off without a hitch or buckets of blood, when over 70% of registered voters have purple fingers (Even Sunnis voted in surprising numbers!) and there was very little accompanying violence from Zarqhawi’s thugs ~ WHY is loser a$$ Lewis Farrakhan’s 150K(!) strong ‘More Millions‘ march the big picture and lead (all DAY Sunday) story on MSNBC? WHY is THAT??
Is it because this is a SCARY picture…
or a bitterly disappointing one for our boys in the MSM?

2 Responses to “‘Splain Me This”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    I’d say that it is scary AND bitterly disappointing for the MSM creeps.
    Imagine it — all that hard work to dig up the nastiest news possible, and the voting still goes through, with less violence than expected. It’s like no one is listening to the dinosaur media. Or at least most folks are not taking them seriously.
    And for good reason.

  2. How sad is that, huh? Breaks your heart. If things suck, great, feel free to say so, but when everything has gone better in every instance than the anarchy they’ve been praying for, at least be manly MSM enough to say “wow, this went well.”

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