Sportsmanship 101: Wouldn’t You be So Pleased and Proud

…to call these goons fresh-faced young lads your “high school basketball team”?

Stay around for Foul #5. It’s a DOOZY.

9 Responses to “Sportsmanship 101: Wouldn’t You be So Pleased and Proud”

  1. Alan says:

    Do have to give #12 credit for offering a hand to the victim after foul #3…doesn’t excuse flagrant fouls that should have resulted in ejection.

  2. Alan says:

    The coach of #34 goon should have pulled him from the game until he learned to play the game!

  3. tree hugging sister says:

    I just loved the clotheshanger move from the svelte #34. Judging by the way he goes around the court with relative impunity, Alan, I think his coaches pretty well encourage and applaud their “enforcer”.

  4. mojo says:

    Time for the old “knee to the groin” play, boys…

  5. major dad says:

    The fat one with the beard is as much a basketball player as he is a gymnast. The AD should ban him and fire the coach.

  6. Skyler says:

    It reminds me of the year I played little league and when stealing home plate the catcher, who didn’t have the ball, decided to stop me with his fist to my mouth. He outweighed me by about a hundred pounds (I was quite small). There were only three teams in the league and his dad coached his team. The next time we played them, his dad came over to our bench and taunted us, warning that if anyone else wanted to score, his son “Wolfie” would be sure to deck them as well.

    There’s no dealing with some people.

  7. nightfly says:

    Some refs need firing. Foul #1 was just hard, and foul #2, while intentional, was probably not flagrant… but on foul #2, player #34 came barreling in (uncalled) and shoved a kid entirely out of the way.

    This is where I as a ref would be warning #34 to tone it down or get tossed. On foul #3, he would have been run and that would have been that.

  8. Skyler says:

    GIve me a break. Those were all intentional.

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