Spring Breaks Are Upon Us

So I reckon we may see some extra Occupists over the next couple of weeks, as they can’t go to Mexico since Obama sent his 14 year old (oh and 25 security men on our tab) there.

Zucchini Park was completely empty this morning.

UPDATE: And now there’s been a 7.9 7.6 earthquake in Oaxaca. Hopefully there are no injuries.

And that’s “Oaxaca” as in where we are paying for Obama’s 14 year old daughter’s Spring Break.”

5 Responses to “Spring Breaks Are Upon Us”

  1. Jim - PRS says:

    Jeez, when I was fourteen, my “spring break” consisted of hanging around the playground.

  2. Gary from Jersey says:

    Fourteen years old, 25 secret service agents and one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Good gawd amighty, what a mix.

  3. Fausta says:

    Of course I’d send my 13-yr old without a family member on a trip to a country that’s in the middle of a drug war! Wouldn’t you?

  4. mojo says:

    Pronounced “wa-ha-ka” for youse Gabachos.

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