Stoned On The Road Again…

Willie’s stoned out on the road again:

LAFAYETTE, Louisiana (AP) — Willie Nelson and four others were issued misdemeanor citations for possession of narcotic mushrooms and marijuana after a traffic stop Monday morning on a Louisiana highway, state police said.
The citations were issued after a commercial vehicle inspection of the country music star’s tour bus, state police said in a news release.
“When the door was opened and the trooper began to speak to the driver, he smelled the strong odor of marijuana,” the news release said.
A search of the bus produced 11/2 pounds of marijuana and 0.2 pounds of narcotic mushrooms, according to state police.

11/2 pounds of pot and .2 pounds of ‘shrooms and he gets charged with a friggin’ misdemeanor???
The next time some celebrity goes on and on about what a fascist regime we live in, remember that.
Oh, and I guess all the peyote explains Willie’s pick for President.

8 Responses to “Stoned On The Road Again…”

  1. Lisa says:

    Lisa’s Claim to Fame:
    Back in the day, I foreclosed on Willie Nelson.
    (It was back when he was facing tax evasion charges, and he was selling a bunch of property to pay the IRS. Well, apparently “selling” to Ol’ Red Eyes was “letting the bank take it back.” We had just started doing TX foreclosures and one of our new clients held the mortgage on a condo he owned. Not even a holding company; it was in his name outright. He defaulted, and we sold it at public sale.)

  2. DirtCrashr says:

    Minor point of correction, ‘shrooms aren’t peyote they’re psyllocibin (it’s a UC Santa Cruz thing). You can see real good in the dark, walking around in the woods at night that’s for sure. Peyote comes from a cactus-button thing out in the desert. 😉

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Thanks, Dirt! You are, of course, correct; I guess I’m just not up on my hallucanagens like I, well, I never was, really. Not my thang with all the lovely alcohol in the world…

  4. WunderKraut says:

    I for one am shocked. SHOCKED!

  5. Gunslinger says:

    I’m shocked that they only found one and a half pounds of weed on Willie (unless he’s cutting back).

  6. DirtCrashr says:

    Alcohol and ‘shrooms are like…what was that again? One helps (somewhat) to quell the boistrous visuals. Er…

  7. Nightfly says:

    Sittin’ and staring out of the driver’s window
    Looks like we’re gonna get pulled aside again
    I’d like to sober up before you test me
    But if you find the hash, I guess I’d better come in

    Busted, down in Lafayette
    Searched my bus to see what they could get
    Stole my drugs and my cowboy hat
    Just won’t let me be…

  8. nobrainer says:

    Fortunately, I’m adhering to a pretty strict, uh, drug, uh, regimen to keep my mind, you know, uh, limber.

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