Stop The Presses! RoP “Incensed”

Finally someone in Buckingham Palace shows some cojones

The Government has expressed its “deep concern” over reported comments by one of Pakistan’s ministers which suggested Salman Rushdie’s knighthood could justify suicide attacks.
The announcement comes amid continuing protests in Pakistan over the awarding of the honour to the controversial author.
Earlier in the day Pakistan’s government summoned Britain’s high commissioner in Islamabad for talks on the escalating row.

I think this is great.

“Salman Rushdie has turned into a hated corpse which cannot be resurrected by any action,” Mohammad Reza Bahonar, first deputy speaker of Iran’s parliament, said in an address to the house.
“The action by the British queen in knighting Salman Rushdie, the apostate, is an unwise one,” he said, to loud cheers from MPs.
“The British monarch lives under this illusion that Britain is still a 19th century superpower and that bestowing titles is something still deemed important.”

Yes, and it’s so unimportant that you guys are foaming like there’s no tomorrow!

Hardline daily Jomhuri Eslami also launched a scathing attack on the queen, describing the monarch as an “old crone” whose action was a “grimace to the Islamic world”.
“The question is what the old British crone sought by knighting Rushdie, to help him? Well, her act only shortens Rushdie’s pathetic life,” it added.

God bless the Old Crone! She knew exactly what she was doing. It shows official support for Rushdie and it tweaks the noses of the Islamotards (like her eldest son) and gives them yet another occasion to show the fools that they are.

“This is an occasion for the world’s 1.5billion Muslims to look at the seriousness of this decision,” said Mohammed Ijaz ul-Haq, Pakistan’s religious affairs minister.
“The West is accusing Muslims of extremism and terrorism,” he told his country’s parliament.
“If someone exploded a bomb on his body he would be right to do so, unless the British government apologises and withdraws the ‘sir’ title.”

I mean, what more is there to say, really?
Well, there’s this from Labour’s Lord Ahmed

Labour’s Lord Ahmed expressed surprise at the decision to give a knighthood to Rushdie, who was placed under a fatwa, or death sentence, by Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini 18 years ago after the publication of the allegedly blasphemous The Satanic Verses.
“I was appalled to hear Salman Rushdie had been given a knighthood,” Lord Ahmed said.
“Two weeks ago the Prime Minister was calling for building relations between the Muslim world and Britain, then suddenly this knighthood is given to a man who has not only been abusive to Muslims, but also to Christians – because he used abusive language towards Jesus Christ.”
…”This man not only provoked violence around the world because of his writings, but there were many people who were killed around the world.
“Forgiving and forgetting is one thing, but honouring the man who has blood on his hands, sort of, because of what he did, I think is going a bit too far.”

You see, this type of logic is what I love about these nuts. Rushdie writes a book, and a crappy one at that, honestly; I couldn’t get through the first chapter. Please note that even though he may in fact have “used abusive language towards Jesus Christ” there were only followers of one certain Religion of Peace that were “provoked to violence” and killed “people around the world.”
Damn Presbyterians.

7 Responses to “Stop The Presses! RoP “Incensed””

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    The Ro”P” is incensed? Be still, my beating heart!

  2. Um, can we start actually killing enemies yet? Because this PC war stuff is getting kinda old.

  3. Emily says:

    Saying Rushdie has blood on his hands for writing a shit book is like saying Jodie Foster has blood on her hands because John Hinckley shot Ronald Reagan.

  4. nightfly says:

    The RoP is both incensed AND pepperminted. We’d better watch out!

  5. memomachine says:

    Personally I’d start dropping JDAMs on anybody when they start spouting off about assassinations, murder, bombings, “Death to America” or “Kill Americans” or any of that nonsense.
    Might not stop people from screaming about it but it would reduce the numbers of people doing so.
    And if nothing else it’ll make people put their lives where their mouths are.

  6. Tainted Bill says:

    The Queen should do the right thing and rescind the knighthood extended to Rushdie. She should make him a Baron instead.

  7. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Baron? Better yet, adopt him, and put him ahead of Charles The Dhimmi in the succession to the throne!

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