Straight Scoop and Well Said

…Although no one doubts our forces will prevail over Saddam Hussein’s, key regional leaders confirm what the Foreign Relations Committee emphasized in its Iraq hearings last summer: The most challenging phase will likely be the day after — or, more accurately, the decade after — Saddam Hussein.
Once he is gone, expectations are high that coalition forces will remain in large numbers to stabilize Iraq and support a civilian administration. That presence will be necessary for several years, given the vacuum there, which a divided Iraqi opposition will have trouble filling and which some new Iraqi military strongman must not fill. Various experts have testified that as many as 75,000 troops may be necessary, at a cost of up to $ 20 billion a year. That does not include the cost of the war itself, or the effort to rebuild Iraq.
Americans are largely unprepared for such an undertaking. President Bush must make clear to the American people the scale of the commitment.

Acknowledging a decade’s worth of work to do? You’ll never guess who…
A Swill Salute to the Futurist.

2 Responses to “Straight Scoop and Well Said”

  1. Gunslinger says:

    Congress wastes far more than 20 billion dollars every year on pork barrel spending.

  2. But will this two-faced carp be reported in the MSM?
    Of course not.

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