Such Cynicism is Shocking, SHOCKING, I Tell You!

…However, expect this threat of deep military cuts – if cutting defense by 3 percent a year can be called “deep” when it has grown at a rate of 9 percent over the last decade – to be used as a bargaining chip by Democrats to extract concessions on tax increases from Republicans; don’t hold your breath expecting them to actually materialize. And with House Republicans already pledging to “fight on behalf of our Armed Forces,” by which they mean the military-industrial complex, don’t expect Democrats to put up much of a fight.

Even were Obama so inclined, the idea that he will expend political capital on cutting military spending even as he expands the war on terror in Libya, Yemen and Somalia is doubtful, especially with an election looming.

WHO’S lost that lovin’ feelin’?

Why, shut mah mouth.

Code Pink has.

3 Responses to “Such Cynicism is Shocking, SHOCKING, I Tell You!”

  1. major dad says:

    Screw her, she should check her facts. Lost in their zeal to cut “defense” is the fact that defense employs a lot of people who pay a bunch of taxes that for the most part fund all their precious social programs.

  2. Dr Alice says:

    I LOATHE Code Pinkers. Last year I was attending a talk given by Karl Rove just down the street from my office (he was shilling his book). He was in the middle of a great discussion on Fannie and Freddie Mae when the whole thing was disrupted by screaming Code Pink idiots who tried to put him under citizen’s arrest, of all the stupid things. I hadn’t bought a book, but those who had didn’t get a chance for him to sign it as the whole thing was disrupted and the rest of the talk was canceled. They are a batch of godawful idiots.

  3. JeffS says:

    Code Pink, meh, a bunch of ancient hippies thinking they’re still relevant. And attractive.

    They’re wrong on both counts.

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