Really. Color me shocked.

Hamas police officers found the body of Italian Vittorio (“Victor”) Arrigoni on Friday in the Gaza Strip, only hours after an al Qaeda-allied group opposed to Hamas announced that they’d kidnapped the 36-year-old pro-Palestinian activist and journalist.

Murderous bastards. But WE knew that.

Pieces be upon them.

Many, MANY pieces of enough things to drive them from the face of this Mothership Earth. Please.

3 Responses to “Surprise”

  1. skh.pcola says:

    That dude sounds like our own home-growed, leftard maroons. I think that he’s correct about one thing…there are “particles” in liberals’ DNA that causes them to behave like petulant and idealistic 7-year-olds. Pfft.

  2. skh.pcola says:

    Erm, no insult to 7-year-olds intended or implied. Just saying…

  3. Don’t these idiots realise we are at war with these idiots…?

    …hmm. That could use some clarification…

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