…isn’t just for blondes, anymore and it’s starting to worry them. Good. Get a handle on it now.

Sweden has welcomed immigrants with open arms for decades but now it is grappling with how to integrate them into society, especially in the southern town of Malmoe amid a massive influx of refugees.
Once a thriving industrial town with full employment, Malmoe has seen many of its plants shut down since the 1990s. That, combined with a never-ending stream of foreigners arriving, has led to rising juvenile delinquency and rampant unemployment.
Of the town’s 280,000 inhabitants, a third are foreigners and 60,000 are Muslims.
…Compared to slums and projects in France or the US, Rosengaard looks like a nice community. But it stands out in a Swedish context.
On a recent visit, veiled women walk behind the men, casting quick glances at their husbands before refusing to speak to AFP’s reporter. At the local mall, more Arabic is heard than Swedish and 28 of the 30 shopkeepers are immigrants.

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  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Get a handle on it now.
    That’ll never happen. Sweden is far too dhimmified, and way too far down the path of Socialism to admit to error.

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