Sweet Jesus, I Thought This Headline

was from Gaza at first.

Texas Crowd Kills Man After Car Hits Kid

Then the ‘Texass’ clicked.

A crowd attacked and killed a passenger in a vehicle that had struck and injured a child, police said Wednesday.
Police believe 2,000 to 3,000 people were in the area for a Juneteenth celebration when the attack occurred Tuesday night. The man who was killed had been trying to stop the group from attacking the vehicle’s driver when the crowd turned on him, authorities said.

But that’s where we are, in this day and age? It’s now okay for murderous mob vengeance after what, I’m assuming, was an accident? Hell, even if it wasn’t an accident ~ you hold the perpetrator for the authorities.
What kind of animals were in this crowd anyway?
Damn if it doesn’t remind me of that horrible photo taken the day two young, young British soldiers took a wrong turn on the streets of Northern Ireland. They tried desperately to get away, but were swarmed, pulled from their car and beaten to death. There’s a haunting, heartbreaking photo taken of the one kid’s terrified face peering out from the broken car window, just before the mob reaches in. God help me, it’s so awful I’ve never forgotten it.
UPDATE: Good God. ‘Animal’ question answered.

…Morales was beaten to death by as many as 20 men and left lying in a parking lot, Piatt said. A preliminary autopsy listed blunt force trauma as the cause of death.
The little girl, 3 or 4 years old, was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The driver, who got away from the crowd, is cooperating with investigators, police said.

They sicken me.

14 Responses to “Sweet Jesus, I Thought This Headline”

  1. Emily says:

    They didn’t just beat those poor soldiers to death. They tore their clothes off and dragged their naked bodies through the streets.
    And then people had the nerve to complain when the British Army didn’t send soldiers to protect mourners at the funeral of dead [certain private army that will have all sorts of Googling trolls showing up here if I type it out] members.

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Jeez, that’s pathetic.

  3. Oh, I know, Emily. Makes me tear up even now.
    As this does.

  4. Mike Rentner says:

    Never heard the story of the Brits, When did that happen? Twenty years ago?
    I don’t think this type of mob behavior is unknown in any part of the world. It’s one of the bad sides of being human. The difference between barbaric and civlized communities is how this is treated after it happens, and preferrably it happens less often in civilized places.
    Oh, just went to the link and learned that it happened in my own home. See? Go figure.
    Here’s the link to the local paper, a bit more detail, but not much.
    This happened in east Austin, known as the wrong side of the interstate — very heavy hispanic population, generally poor, and some blacks. There aren’t very many blacks in the city at all in comparison, I can’t imagine how this happened. I wonder if they are New Orleans transplants. There is very little violence in this town, as far as cities go. Most of the violence is from cops, to be honest.

  5. Emily says:

    It happened in 1988 – shortly after the British government adopted a “shoot to kill” policy towards known members of That Private Army. Tensions were pretty high after members of the SAS killed three of them in Gibraltar in early March ’88. At one of their funerals, a loyalist jackass (won’t name him here; again, you’ll get a lot of weirdos filtering in) shot up a bunch of the mourners. It was suggested that there was collusion between the British Army and the loyalists since there weren’t any soldiers posted at the funeral. Three days later was when the soldiers were dragged from their car and killed.

  6. Mike Rentner says:

    1988? Heck, I was still a first lieutenant then. I was pretty clueless about the world and I didn’t give two hoots about anything happening in northern Ireland.
    Hmmm. Not much different from today. I still don’t give two hoots about northern Ireland. Unlike Iraq, they haven’t threatened us, so they can go on killing each other forever for all I care.

  7. Emily says:

    Gee, Mike, those of us that have family and loved ones there really find your sentiments heart-warming. I don’t suppose you’d care either way to know that they’ve tamed out on the “killing each other” bit. But if you don’t care, why did you even bother asking? Considering that Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom, a country that is fighting beside us in Iraq, I would think you might care just a little.

  8. A Latino says:

    Hunt the niggas the kill morales and kill them like animal. When they get caught they will come jail, kill them, slowly, like a fucking animals that they are….

  9. And aren’t you a fine representation of your particular ethnic group! If I were you, I’d think again before I called anyone elsefucking animals“.

  10. Mike Rentner says:

    Emily, I’m sorry, but I really don’t care. I’m sorry that innocent people die, but the Irish always had it in themselves to solve this and it was none of my business.

  11. memomachine says:

    Frankly you read about this sort of thing happening in other countries.
    Sigh. And now of course “other countries” are here.

  12. Emily says:

    Thanks for at least demonstrating you have no understanding whatsoever of the Irish.

  13. Emily says:

    Those little kids from Spain visiting on a school trip that were blown up in Omagh might actually appreciate your sentiments, if they had actually lived through the bombing and everthing.
    But as long as they’re only blowing up each other.

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