Swilling Regulars Know of This Household’s Emotional Attachment to Branagh’s “Henry V”

…and so will understand how tickled I was to read this link from Instapundit. I remember that performance like it was yesterday! Ebola, major dad and myself recognized the music from the first three beats and ~ besides being shocked he could use something so new ~ cheered even more so for Paul Wylie to triumph. And triumph he did.

However. Watching Olympic skating this week and, now with this flashback, I have had one heartfelt, long held and ~ admittedly ~ uncharitable opinion confirmed and reconfirmed:

Scott Hamilton needs to gulp a big, wet, “thirsty-two ouncer” of STFU.


5 Responses to “Swilling Regulars Know of This Household’s Emotional Attachment to Branagh’s “Henry V””

  1. Donna D. says:

    Tree Hugging Sister, what is STFU? Something unrepeatable LOL!!! Aw c’mon, give Scotty a break – he’s survived cancer twice. Saw him skate in 1985 after his gold medal win, had front row tickets – totally fantastic! If there is someone I really can’t stand is Dick Button and I don’t care if he won back to back gold medals!

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    NOT like DICK BUTTON?!?!?!?! Oh, we are SO not speaking, girlfriend!

  3. Teresa says:

    I’ve wanted “gag buttons” on the microphones of those morons for years. Just once I want them to quit yakking, let the performance run, then spend the next few minutes while waiting for scores doing the critique.

    This year has been really bad. Who is the chick in the booth? The one who gasps when she thinks there will be a disaster. Between her and Scott I’ve never heard more pessimistic people… unless they’ve decided that the skater(s) will be fabulous then they are so over the top effusive it makes me gag.

    Good grief.

  4. NJ Sue says:

    I have a soft spot for Scott Hamilton because during some long-ago competition, some skater’s horrible performance left him practically speechless. His response: “That was so……BAD!” We use that phrase now, with similar intonation, on multiple occasions.

  5. Julie says:

    Sorry, but Button takes the cake for tacky comments. (One memorable one, after a skater took a fall: “We might as well stop watching!”) Scotty is just not bright, but Button was a snob, and a mean one at that. Now, can we get on to something we can agree on, like Torvill and Dean was ROBBED? 🙂

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