“Take That Back IMMEDIATELY!”

The bothersome stuff you have to correct when you’re a major news organization.

Morning corrections: Irish president not gay, Kentucky exists

• Michael D. Higgins is not an “acknowledged homosexual”: Forbes published those words about the president of Ireland Wednesday, and they “would have come as something of a shock for Mr Higgins, who has been happily married to his actress wife Sabina since 1974,” Andrew McCorkell writes in the Independent

• Kentucky also lies to the west of Virginia: “A map with an article on Tuesday about the discovery of a 16th-century fort last month near Morganton, N.C., labeled incorrectly a state that borders Virginia to the west,” a correction in The New York Times Thursday reads.

It is Kentucky, not West Virginia.

“Professionals” much?

One Response to ““Take That Back IMMEDIATELY!””

  1. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Thanks – I needed the laugh – and the cry…

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