Taking the NYT to Task

…by Susan Estrich.

What’s wrong with the New York Times?
“A Look at Republican Priorities” said the headline of Friday’s New York Times.
And what are those priorities, according to America’s paper of record?
“Comforting the Comfortable” and “Afflicting the Afflicted.” Because they support eliminating the estate tax and oppose raising the minimum wage, the Republicans are said to be the Party that comforts the comfortable and afflicts the afflicted.
According to my Liberal Friends, I spend much of my time in the lion’s den, where one of the constant charges is that the mainstream media is dominated by liberals. Some days, like today, they make my job impossible.
…But does the New York Times have to stoop so low?
Are they afraid no one would read their editorials if they weren’t promoted with nasty headlines that question the good faith of those on the other side?
Are they no better than Ann when it comes to insulting their opponents?

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