Talk Like “The Terror of the Caribbean” Day!

Or, at the very least, a Pirate. (You can Post Like a Pirate with this Cheater.)

Now, watch and learn how the 1% Pirate does it.

Excuse me. **swoon**

Better now. AARRGGHH!!!

4 Responses to “Talk Like “The Terror of the Caribbean” Day!”

  1. Dave E. says:

    I can talk like a pirate:


    “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”


  2. mojo says:

    Avast, ye scurvy scum! Splice the mainbrace!

  3. Dr Alice says:

    Shiver me timbers, Captain Blood talks like he went to Cambridge! I’ll always have a soft spot for Robert Newton, meself. Arrr.

  4. BlackDog says:

    I prefer Burt Lancaster as the The Crimson Pirate and drinking Captain Morgan.

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