TCS Says “Bite Me, Bob”

Katrina has nothing to do with global warming. Nothing. It has everything to do with the immense forces of nature that have been unleashed many, many times before and the inability of humans, even the most brilliant engineers, to tame these forces.
Giant hurricanes are rare, but they are not new. And they are not increasing. To the contrary. Just go to the website of the National Hurricane Center and check out a table that lists hurricanes by category and decade. The peak for major hurricanes (categories 3,4,5) came in the decades of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, when such storms averaged 9 per decade. In the 1960s, there were 6 such storms; in the 1970s, 4; in the 1980s, 5; in the 1990s, 5; and for 2001-04, there were 3. Category 4 and 5 storms were also more prevalent in the past than they are now. As for Category 5 storms, there have been only three since the 1850s: in the decades of the 1930s, 1960s and 1990s.
But that doesn’t stop an enviro-predator like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from writing on the Huffingtonpost website: “Now we are all learning what it’s like to reap the whirlwind of fossil fuel dependence which Barbour and his cronies have encouraged. Our destructive addiction has given us a catastrophic war in the Middle East and – now — Katrina is giving our nation a glimpse of the climate chaos we are bequeathing our children.”

From another guy who lived and loved in New Orleans. Baby Bobby Kennedy is the Cindy Sheehan of the Katrina story. I’m waiting for him to include the Israelis in his Barbour bashing blitherings.
A Swill Salute to Mark in Mexico for finding this gem.

One Response to “TCS Says “Bite Me, Bob””

  1. Beck says:

    Uh, but its true. He’s not putting any blame on anyone in particular…just pointing out the obvious. One disaster in New Orleans and look how much gas prices have skyrocketed, something you’ve been reporting here. Its clear: we need to become less dependant oil.

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