That Alleged Baby Killer?

Looking like a lovely young lad.

Brunswick shooting could be related to gang activity

On Friday Brunswick Police Chief Tobe Green would not say if the shooting that killed a 13-month-old boy and injured his mother had an relation to gang activity.

…Police say the child and his mother were shot Thursday morning when they were taking a walk. Some believe that this could be in relation to gang activity. First Coast News took a look at the accused’s Facebook page, and there were several posts that associated Elkins with a group called Moneyville. One particular post used a code that we researched and found is related to the well-known street gang the Bloods.

We also found some YouTube videos with the group’s name. There is no confirmation that this is a gang or that gang activity had anything to do with this shooting, but Pastor Ken Adkins who is familiar with Brunswick’s crime and works with ex-offenders and ex gang members says it is possible.

Model citizen.

One Response to “That Alleged Baby Killer?”

  1. leelu says:

    They raided the young man’s house.

    On Martin Luther King Bl.

    Shocked. I’m shocked, I tell you…

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