That Damn BushChimpHitler…

…and the tax cuts that are destroying this country…NOT.

States See Benefits, Challenges in Revenue Surpluses
Multibillion-Dollar Tax Windfall Allowing States to Slash Taxes, Improve Services
– A sweeping economic turnaround could mean tax cuts and better service for millions of Americans. For the first time since the year 2000, many states are finding that budget time isn’t all about belt-tightening and cost-cutting.
States collected a record $600 billion in taxes last year — an increase of 17.2 percent over 2003. Revenues are rising even faster this year, at a double-digit rate in some states.
Instead of fighting about how to cut their budgets, state lawmakers must decide how best to use the additional revenue.
Driven by higher consumer sales and personal incomes, tax revenues are up in states nationwide. Governments are using the money to improve roads, cut class sizes and give tax breaks to businesses.

4 Responses to “That Damn BushChimpHitler…”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    Well damn! How are we supposed to get a Democrat elected when the economy’s going well?

  2. What to do, what to do…???

  3. Nightfly says:

    I’m going half-empty here. “Instead of fighting to cut budgets…”? The hell they say. Cut the things anyway. What is this mad propensity to spend it all and then whine when there isn’t as much next year? Practice a little discipline BEFORE you need it, so you don’t sit around wringing your hands and panicking when the smash hits.

  4. Fun With Bush=Hitler Parodies

    The Coalition of the Swilling had a great post yesterday about how good the economy is doing. His lead in sentence cracks me up and it must be driving the moonbat freaks crazy over at the Democratic Underground
    That Damn BushChimpHitler…
    …and t…

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