That First, Cool Fall Afternoon

…with football on the telly and leaves skittering across the yard triggers an instinctive reaction.

Must Bake COOkies

So I did. Herewith:

Butterscotch Chippy Oatmeal COOkies

…à la ths.
In the bowl ~

1 C butter (I use Land o’ Lakes baking/spreadable butter w/ canola ~ better cholesterol wise)
1/4C granulated sugar
3/4C dark brown sugar, packed
1- 3 oz. box instant butterscotch pudding

In the sifter:
1 1/4 C flour
1 t baking soda

The rest:
2 eggs ( in a further smack at cholesterol, I’ve been using Eggbeaters)
3C oatmeal (I use Old Fashioned, not quick)
12 oz. bag Semi Sweet chips
5 oz. (half a bag) Butterscotch chips
Oven to 375° Makes 36 BIG ol’ COOkies.

Cream sugars, pudding and butter until smooth and creamy, then beat in eggs until smooth.
Beat in flour/baking soda, then lower the mixer speed and work oatmeal in one cup at a time.
(Make sure you stop to scrape bowl well after each step.)

Then work in chips and scrape, scrape, scrape so they’re evenly through.
Pop bowl in fridge while you do a quick clean-up.
As you can tell…

…we pour a healthy sized cookie in this house. More oatmeal for your heart that way. These are tablespoons we’re working with and I start checking cookies this size at 12 minutes.
Because of the pudding they are going to look browner than, say, a chocolate chip as they bake.
(These average about 15 minutes or so and come out a toffee color.) Let them rest at least a minute or so on the cookie sheet, then move off to the cooling rack.
Then you’ll need to keep a SHARP eye out for…

COOkie Pirates.

5 Responses to “That First, Cool Fall Afternoon”

  1. NJ Sue says:

    Yum! Looks delicious!

  2. suzette says:

    I’m glad to see that you use Old Fashioned oats for this – none but the vulgarian would choose Quick.

  3. “Quick”…

  4. Firehand says:

    Ever since it turned damp & cool/chilly a week or so ago I’ve been looking at the oven and thinking “Cookies…”
    I’ve been restraining myself for the most part, but DAMN they’re good.

  5. Oh, you betcha, Firehand! It’s just dang hard to get cranked up to bake when it’s 90 (like it will be AGAIN Weds.) and 86% humidity outside. October’s when we start to get a break around here and I count down the days.

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