That Screeching You Hear Is More Brakes

…screaming as they protest the sudden deceleration.

NY Fed Manufacturing Growth Slows Sharply in April

The pace of manufacturing growth in New York state slowed sharply in April to its lowest level in five months, the New York Federal Reserve said in a report on Monday.

The New York Fed’s “Empire State” general business conditions index dropped to 6.56 from 20.21M in March, far below economists’ expectations for 18.00. It was the lowest level since last November.

Oh, not to worry, lads! TWO geniuses in charge there. Obama AND Cuomo have it all well in hand, so back to your hives!

One Response to “That Screeching You Hear Is More Brakes”

  1. aelfheld says:

    All bleeding stops.

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