That’s Gonna Blow Some Minds

…and from the accuser’s own lawyer…?

The settlement agreement between the National Restaurant Association and a woman who accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment was reached in September 1999–and was not signed by Cain himself, according to Joel Bennett, a lawyer for the woman.

…Cain left the association June 30, 1999, according to the NRA. Under that timeline, Cain would have been gone when the settlement was reached–and may well have been gone when she filed the complaint.

Cain has insisted he only knew of one complaint, and says he knew of no legal settlements–only what he calls a severance agreement with one woman.

This timeline could well bolster his claims.

Has he and his team blown it out their ass handling the response? Oh, hell yes.

But they’re NOT politicians.

Do I STILL hope and pray this blows up in someone’s face anyway, à la Dan Rather? Oh, HELL yes!

Popcorn, anyone?

H/T HotAir headlines.

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