That’s Just Great

China and US may establish military hotline
Beijing and Washington are moving towards establishing a hotline between their defence ministries and have agreed to step up military exchanges, Chinese state media said on Thursday.

I can hear the conversation now

Rumsfeld: “F*ck you and the rickshaw you rode in on!”
Gen Cao: “Oh yeah?! Well, fr*ck you, too!”
Rumsfeld: “Very good then. Same time?”
Gen Cao: “Same Peeper’s Repubric Station!”
Rumsfeld: “Oh God, you kill me when you do that!”
Both: “Hah haha haha haha!”

2 Responses to “That’s Just Great”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    “Hahaha, lemme freshen that cognac for ya, Don. How are the kids?”

  2. Ring! Ring!
    Rummy: “Hello?”
    Cao: “Knock, knock!”
    Rummy: “Not againnnnnn?!”
    Cao: “KNOCK, KNOCK!”
    Rummy: (sighs) “Who’s there?”
    Cao: “Mao.”
    Rummy: “Mao who?”
    Cao: “Mousie dung!”
    Both: “HAhahahahaha!!”

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