The Arab League is Not in League

with Hizbollah. (How amazing is that?)

But the group did not throw its support behind Hezbollah. Squabbles over the legitimacy of the rebel group’s attacks on Israel — including the capture of two Israeli soldiers that sparked the 4-day battle — caused dissention in the ranks, delegates said.
The Saudi foreign minister appeared to be leading a camp of ministers criticizing the guerrilla group’s actions, calling them “unexpected, inappropriate and irresponsible acts.”
“These acts will pull the whole region back to years ago, and we cannot simply accept them,” Saudi al-Faisal told his counterparts.
Supporting his stance were representatives of Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, the Palestinian Authority, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, delegates said on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the talks.

EVEN the Palestinian Authority! Mon dieu! Of course, the usual suspects (From the NYT: “The countries supporting Syria included Yemen, Algeria and Lebanon.”) are PI$$ED…

…Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem lashed back al-Faisal, asking “How can we come here to discuss the burning situation in Lebanon while others are making statements criticizing the resistance?”

…while the Lebanese draft proposal does nothing to separate the Lebanese govenment from Hizbollah in the eyes of the world.

Earlier, Lebanese Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh presented his fellow Arab League members with a draft resolution condemning Israel’s military offensive and supporting Lebanon’s “right to resist occupation by all legitimate means” — language frequently used by Hezbollah to justify its guerrillas’ presence in south Lebanon.

If Lebanon was serious about resisting occupation, they would have thrown Hizbollah out when they sent the Syrians home a year ago. Instead of bravely “resisting” this Israeli smack down by sitting on their thumbs and complaining, they should take advantage of Israeli cajones and join in the housecleaning. Hizbollah building schools and clinics will never, EVER replace the tourist dollars and booming economy a stable, Islamo-fascist free Lebanon was on the cusp of enjoying.

“Who’s benefiting?” asked a senior official of one of the Arab countries critical of Hezbollah who was granted anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly. “Definitely not the Arabs or the peace process. But definitely the Iranians are.”
There may be no material proof of Iran’s involvement in the conflict, the senior official added, but all indications point to an Iranian role.
Arab leaders have long been wary fof Iran. But with Iran exercising increased influence in Iraq and stirring the emotions of Arab and Muslim masses frustrated about the occupation of Iraq, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and America’s role in the region, fear of Iranian influence has increased.
“You have Hezbollah, a Shiite minority, controlled by Iran, working, and the Iranians are embarrassing the hell out of the Arab governments,” said Riad Kahwaji, managing director of the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis in Dubai. “The peace process has collapsed, the Palestinians are being killed and nothing is being done for them. And here comes Hezbollah, which is actually scoring hits against Israel.”

A little light should go on when you have both the U.N. and FRANCE calling for a cease-fire in your name. (Bernard Kalb just pointed out that the U.N. has never brokered anything that worked in the Middle East. The ONLY brokered peace plans that have EVER worked in the region are Israel/Egypt and Israel/Jordan ~ AMERICAN brokered deals. Remembering watching King Hussein flying his L-1011 at 1000 feet over Jerusalem and dipping his wings to Yitzhak Rabin still brings tears to my eyes. )
Paraphrasing Bob Livingston, just overheard on the telly:

“These Arab nations are going to have to realize this started with Leon Klinghoffer 30 years ago. And those same kooky people, who could throw a poor, crippled man off a ship, are now close to running things…They need to get a handle on it, or it’s a catastrophe for the entire region.”

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  1. Media UnCut says:

    Israel and Hezbollah Continue Attacks

    The attacks continue through Sunday and into Monday with air strikes, bombing and missile attacks.

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