The “Big Lie”

I’m so sick of the bunch of them. Michael Barone lays it out.

To the charges that Bush “cherry-picked” intelligence, the commission co-chaired by former Democratic Sen. Charles Robb found that the intelligence available to Bush but not to Congress was even more alarming than the intelligence Congress had.

Which is a scary, scary thought, as NOTHING‘s more alarming than the lack of intelligence in Congress. When I watch Teddy, or Babs, or Maxine Waters, or Nita Lowery (insert Dem. clone of choice here) grandstanding, I turn into that old Larsen cartoon about “What Dogs Hear”. You know the one ~ the man is saying “Bad dog, Bad dog!”, but all the dog is hearing is “blah blah blah”. Color me canine.
UPDATE: Salman Rusdie is on our side? Wow. And this very nice Canadian, apparently. (Who has also noted our national penchant for navel gazing.)

For some unaccountable reason, Americans sometimes respond to being abused and slandered all over the world by turning in on themselves. And this, in the present unsettled state of the world in question, would be nearly the worst thing that could happen. It would leave all of America’s allies — corresponding very roughly to the side of the angels — up a certain creek without a propulsive device.
The world has left the United States to do too much heavy lifting. It is an urgent matter for countries like Canada to stop mouthing off and heave ho.

4 Responses to “The “Big Lie””

  1. Donnah says:

    The dog is hearing “Blah, blah, blah, Ginger! Blah, blah, blah, Ginger!”
    I love that one.

  2. That’s IT, Donnah!!!
    (The name had completely escaped me, even though I can see the cartoon clear as day in my head.)

  3. Nightfly says:

    Worse, the Dems are the ones SAYING “Blah blah blah blah Bush blah blah Halliburton blah blah blah!”
    One of the great charms of the dog is that he knows he’s a dog and doesn’t try to be more. The Left lacks this charm.

  4. True, Diptera, but they often act like ‘lying’ dogs.

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