The CBS Evening News Calls Bullshit on Hamas

Bravo. First report of the newscast and this interview starts at 3:38.

Scott Pelley: …Charlie, the Israelis say civilians are being killed because Hamas militants are hiding among the civilians. What have you seen?

Charlie D’Agata: Well, Hamas will tell you, Scott, that that is absolutely not the case, but we know that it IS the case. Uh…the attack on the TV tower today, they were aiming at, uh, a person from the Islamic Jihad and, uh, people from that group had to admit that yes indeed that person was killed, hiding among journalists. We also know that these launchpads for these missiles that are sent into Israel every day are being discovered, and in some cases destroyed, near buildings, near mosques, near schools in these heavily congested areas. In one of the areas that we were at just yesterday, we could see the trails, the smoke trails, of four or five missilies being fired off, and it was literally just two blocks from where we were standing in this residential area.

Keep it coming.

ths update: I guess reporters at the Old Grey Lady should watch the CBS Evening News.

3 Responses to “The CBS Evening News Calls Bullshit on Hamas”

  1. mojo says:

    Gee, ya mean the big baddies were hiding behind “foreign journalists” as a human shield?

    What. A. Concept.

  2. Syd B. says:

    The Gaza siege truly begins from within Gaza itself via Hamas, before ever factoring Israel’s blockade for security reasons. Hamas has all of Gazan’s hostage and silences their opposition at gunpoint. Gaza is one massive human shield and the only road to a free Gaza, is a Gaza not under siege by a Terrorist mafia posing as a government authority.

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