“The Devil’s Flying Monkeys”

Peggy Noonan in the Opinion Journal today touches briefly on the very thing I was thinking watching the news. Last night he ABC Evening news had a round-up of the Lieberman-Lamont bout. They spoke to Lieberman and briefly to a confused looking/braindead sounding Lamont…and then spent the bulk of the report on Kos. How revolting. Pandering to the illusion that he and his unhinged hordes are now bonafide king makers. His whole attitude was ‘we’re coming for you’ if you don’t meet the Daily Kos’ criteria for ‘worthy’. I KNOW three quarters of the American viewing public have no clue who Mr. Moulitsas is and don’t know Kos from Adam (and lucky they are for it), but dang. That was like watching the most radical, treacherous, lunatic fringe get a leg up in a Third World ‘parliment’. And old Lamont’s a fool if he thinks they won’t chew his leg off to keep him from going in his own direction. He won’t be able to hear a fire alarm over the Kosite voices in his head dictating his every move because he owes them. I hope to God there’s SOMEone in the Democratic Party SOMEwhere wondering, “What the hell just happened and shouldn’t I be scared?

…There’s another thing he [Lieberman] has going for him, and it’s the flip side of insiderism. He’s a grownup. He’s not an angry kid. When America gets in trouble, and everyone thinks more trouble is coming, you want grownups around. In this, Mr. Lieberman is in sharp relief to Mr. Lamont’s supporters.
Everyone in public life gets tagged. But this is one of the first times in a long time that somebody’s base got tagged. The Kos crowd is viewed by most people outside that crowd as hate-fueled, bitter and stupid–the devil’s flying monkeys making their “Eeek! Eeek!” sounds. As a political phenomenon such people do not . . . inspire. They’re not like the young lefties of old trying to be “Clean for Gene.”
They seem like people who do not–cannot–create and cohere. They seem driven by a spirit of destruction. This will take you only so far. It didn’t help when Kos himself, Markos Moulitsas, got all Robespierre the other day and instructed Harry Reid to strip Mr. Lieberman of all his committee assignments.

Like the crowds with the pitchforks and torches when all the slaughter and beheadings were over. You have to hope there’s somebody left who can clean up the mess the mob makes, because they don’t actually ever ‘DO‘. They sit idly around until there’s a chance to ‘DON’T‘ ~ there’s far less effort expended and zip responsibility for the outcome.
UPDATE: Whoa ~ I think I’ve been channeling Duane at Radio Blogger.

If Lamont wins, sane Democrats all over the country instantly panic that the party has been taken captive by the nutter fringe. And it can’t be a comfortable feeling going into the November election. Republicans now know who they are fighting this Fall, and it sure isn’t other Republicans. It’s a single-issue campaign, essentially nationwide…the war on terror. And no matter how you slice it, what this evening’s result in Connecticut showed is one fact that cannot be denied. The Republicans, while certainly not perfect in how they are fighting the war on terror, they are fighting it. The Democrats are running away from the war. And in fact, they are so committed to not fighting the war on terror, the only people they seem willing to fight are people who aren’t as anti-war as they are, especially in their own party.

8 Responses to ““The Devil’s Flying Monkeys””

  1. As one guy (at anklebitingpundits, I think it was) put it, the Nutroots should be really scared when 48% of Connecticut Democrats voted for the pro-Bush candidate.

  2. Noonan points out that the Rep. candidate is under investigation. So what happens when that 48% for Lieberman get joined by Republicans for Lieberman? Run Joe, run.

  3. Dave E says:

    I read something similar to the Kos quotes from Michael Moore yesterday. Noonan is right that they are all about destruction…for now. God save us if they ever get enough power to construct anything. I’m certain I would not like what they would build.

  4. Well dang! Check out what the DailyK has to say! APPARENTLY (winkwinknudgenudge) there was some sort of…oh, you read it.

    The Rest:

    JEERS to red meat for Fox News. The U.S. and Britain are now at Terror Alert Level “Mommy!!!” as an apparent terrorist plot to blow up 6-10 airliners is apparently thwarted. Officials say all liquids are now banned in the cabins of overseas flights. Great…just what a passenger riding on a potential time-bomb needs: an empty liquor cart.

    Easy to be smug when no one died. They’re in another dimension. Apparently.
    Thank God.

  5. John says:

    The wife and I looked at each other on Wednesday morning and said “I’ll vote for Joe”. Skee-rew getting one more Republican seat, I want to see the Dems implode.
    An awful lot of Republicans in and around the Groton Sub Base feel that they owe their jobs to Joe after he led the campaign to keep it from closing.

  6. Gunslinger says:

    Well, I, for one, love watching the LLL pound their chests and bray like donkeys in heat prematurely . It will make their screeches of agony and loathing all the more sweet come November.
    Dave E.
    “God save us if they ever get enough power to construct anything. I’m certain I would not like what they would build.”
    You’ve nothing to worry about on that score. They are incapable of building anything at all. To do so would require hard work, sweat, dedication to something greater than themselves, and most important, the ability to confront the risk of failure. All of these are anathema to the loonies, much like like garlic and crucifixes are to a vampire.

  7. Dave E. says:

    Gunslinger-They destroy to get the power to build in their own vision. I don’t think they can succeed right now, but they are trying. They are quite capable of building, witness Russia 1917, or Germany 1932.

  8. Gunslinger says:

    The modern day moonbats are a far cry from the Bolsheviks and Brownshirts of old. The Commies and Nazis were born out of genuinely harsh conditions (ie, Czarist Russia and the Weimar Republic respectively) while our liberals are a product of Woodstock, weed, acid and shitty folk music. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dismiss them completely but they aren’t nearly as dedicated to some grand utopian vision as they are to incessant navel-gazing.

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