The Difference Between the Guy in the Red Shirt…

…and the other castaways in the picture?

I never wanted HIM to get off the island.
Sweet Mother of Mercy, will somebody please send a boat for these other losers?

6 Responses to “The Difference Between the Guy in the Red Shirt…”

  1. Cullen says:

    *Sheepishly* I love this show.

  2. Ken Summers says:

    Bah! He’s still Maynard.

  3. Nightfly says:

    That show would definitely improve if the Professor was there to build them a radio out of bamboo.

  4. Just another reason we don’t watch but 2 things on ABC. If they can’t get a boat out there, I hope whatever’s on the island eats them all and quickly.

  5. Cullen says:

    I used to love Alias too. They’ve gone and dicked up that show, now. I hate TV in general.
    They cancelled Farscape. That’s all anyone ever needs to know about TV.

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