The Dunkin’ Donut Chocolate Creme Filled Award of the Day Goes To….

…one of the comments at HotAir.
While the Messiah and Mrs. serve it up thick (and in the cultural/regional patois du jour), an astute question (“If he is the Kwisatz Haderach, then is his name a killing word? That should help with his credibility on national security.“) leads to the donut moment

“Tell me of your home, Muad’Dib.”

13 Responses to “The Dunkin’ Donut Chocolate Creme Filled Award of the Day Goes To….”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    I was going to post a comment concerning “Arbeit mach frei”, but someone beat me to it.

  2. Hauptsturmfuhrer says:

    “Hit me baby one more time!” God how I love that expression! But, my absolute favorite is “Oops I did it again!”
    editor’s note: Polo, crawl back into your little den in Corpus Christi.

  3. Clever, clever little man, Herr Hauptsturmfurby. Damn near had me fooled. (Positive reinforcement is always the most important mechanism for dealing with latch key/abandonment issues.)
    Ooooohhhh!! Bingley made a good joke on you!!!!

  4. polo says:

    I’m actually glad this all worked out the way it did. I always wondered if I could be traced back to my base of origin on a site like this by using a different user name. Lesson learned the hard way but now I know. Such lessons in life are not always learned the easy way. After all I’m not an internet guru, so, thanks for finding me out, really! Future efforts will be a challenge….. A joke, really? Could have fooled me, but hey, he owns the site, as he said, “there are no first amendment rights here.”
    As to the pock socket, it’s much better than a female staffer.

  5. Well, polo, I hope you’ve at least learned the lesson of civility. Somehow I doubt it, but I’m an eternal optimist. You’ve evidently got the brains to be an interesting member of whatever community you land in, but, with the manners of a goat, you’ll be as welcome there as you were here. Actually, I’d bet a good deal LESS welcome, as we have a sense of humor and those sites you tarred us with being like have NO humor at all.
    “…it’s much better than a female staffer” hinted at OR an intern for sure, even. You’re learning. When you grow up, maybe you’ll get it.

  6. Dave J says:

    I love the analogy (in part of course because I’m a major Frank herbert geek). However, the difference between Paul Atreides and Obama is that Obama seems to completely believe in his own personality cult, feeds it and feeds on it, while Paul merely used his for his advantage, recognized when it had gotten out of hand, then ran away and ultimately tried to destroy it (failing on his own, but succeeding in planting the seeds of the reason for, and means to, its destruction in Leto).
    As for Michelle Obama, she’s even less like Chani than her husband’s like Paul: she’s both a narcissist and a hero-worshipper.

  7. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Well, just imagine Michelle Obama being around at least as long as Hillary Clinton.

  8. polo says:

    tree hugging sister, thank you for your comments. I’m actually a very civil person (in real life). I think what happened was that I got off to a very bad start yesterday when I first came across this site. It’s like I was looking for a fight, and I’ll admit I created one for myself. So, yes, I deserve everything I got in return and then some. I’m still learning the ropes when it comes to posting on blog sites, and I’ll freely admit that I’ve got alot to learn. If you knew me in real life, I’m not a bad guy, really! I try to get along with everyone I meet, and I treat everyone with mutual respect.
    Allow me to apologize to you, Mr. Bingley and anyone else here that I offended. I mean that sincerely!
    You know it’s strange, when I get behind a keyboard, I sometimes turn into another person. Call it Jekyll & Hyde if you want. It’s my problem, and I know I need to work on it. As for me personally, it’s often hard for me to express something in type written form, than it is to verbally talk about the same subject. Again, im sorry…

  9. Mr. Bingley says:

    It’s all good, polo; we all have bad days and, as you correctly point out, the anonymity of the keyboard tempts one to say things in a manner that really wouldn’t work in a face-to-face setting.

  10. Mr. Bingley says:

    Promises, promises.

  11. (Oh, shut UP, Dave! It WORKS, I tell you!)
    (Well, works enough…)
    (Shut up, Dave. GOD.)

  12. Ditto what the Bingster said, polo. You’re welcome aboard anytime.

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