The End is Nigh…

…when Jane FONDA gets cut off by an interviewer for…{drumroll}…talking nicely about President Bush.

Liz: Yes, publicans and sinners. Or was that Republicans and sinners?
Jane: (Laughter) I was at the White House correspondents’ dinner the other night, and Laura Bush was really funny. Her approval rating is way up, as it should be.
Liz: Did you see the president’s press conference before that; I thought he was floundering.
Jane: No, I thought he was very impressive. I don’t know him, but I have always thought if I were alone in a room with him, I would really like him.
Liz: Well, many people do like him, and he has an informal appealing quality, they say*. Jane, let’s get back on you. What do you think of today’s theory that the Vietnam war turned today’s Vietnam into a flourishing Asian market economy Western style

Poor old Liz is workin’ it and workin’ it, and Jane won’t bite. How blatant an attempt to be incendiary and how dee-lish-us a result. (And in typical narcissistic MSM fashion, not at all adverse to printing the evidence. I’m sure there’ll be howls of outrage should a bigger blog point it out. *All emphasis on the obvious mine.)

5 Responses to “The End is Nigh…”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    I saw that. I was too stunned to type.

  2. Thank God for my rapier fast fingers, eh?
    The whole thing was so disgusting, they almost typed it themselves. You can hear the exasperation every time Liz goes trolling and Jane goes 180 out on her.

  3. The Real JeffS says:

    I do not like Jane Fonda, so perhaps this be my prejudices speaking, but ol’ Hanoi Jane sounds like she’s playing both sides of the street these days. Some of her religious views sound a tad too politically correct, while she likes the First Lady and the President, at least on a personal basis.
    Still, it was nice to not to see any moonbat reflexive I-Hate-Bush mantras from her.
    Ol’ Liz, though, cutting off Hanoi Jane, to keep her from going down That Road, and Jane ignoring Liz, was pure gold!

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  5. Nightfly says:

    Liz Smith is herself a subscriber to the National Review; I’ve seen her ads in there (though she is still a leftie). Is this some kind of mobius strip liberalism where the host and the guest each pretend to be somebody else?

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