The End of Days

…is obviously at hand.

Hertz Slashes Refueling Prices: Pay Pump Prices or Less; No Need to Worry About Refilling the Tank
…Under the new program — which goes into effect for rentals commencing July 1, 2008 at all corporate and participating licensee airport and off-airport locations in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas — both the Hertz Fuel & Service Charge (FSC) and the Fuel Purchase Option (FPO) will reflect new, lower pricing bases upon the average price per gallon as set by the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) in the geographical area where the car is rented. The Hertz FSC — for customers who don’t refill the fuel tank before returning the rental vehicle and elect the option of then having Hertz refuel the vehicle — will be based upon local market fuel prices, plus a one-time Refueling Fee of $6.99. The FPO — for customers who elect the option to purchase a tank of gas at the outset of the rental — will reflect local market fuel prices minus a small discount of approximately $0.15 per gallon.

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