‘The Family Business’

In Newsweek this week and please read it, for the incredible families profiled. But Newsweek f*cks it up again, in all their sloppy magnificence. To wit:
There are wonderful sidebars in the print edition that aren’t available online. One very un-Newsweek like example:

It’s Just a Different Culture
CONTRARY TO THE IMPRESSION MADE BY MOVIEMAKER MICHAEL MOORE IN “Fahrenheit 9/11″, congressmen do sometimes send their children to war. Three senators and six members of the House have children in uniform, and four of them have served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Maj. John Daniel Kline, son of Minnesota rep. John Kline, is slated to fly his attack helicopter in Iraq later this year with the 101st Airborne…”

Of course, the Moore-ons writing the sidebar, being Newsweek and all, don’t fact check JACK. How can I hurl such an accusation? They speak of Maj. Kline’s growing up an ‘Army’ brat and his dad’s service in the ARMY from ’69 to ’94, Vietnam to Somalia. The problem? There’s a picture of Maj. Kline and his dad, both in uniform and…Rep. Kline is a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps. Whoa Nelly!! What’s this?? So I rocket my puddies to Google, find the good Rep.’s webpage to verify what my lyin’ eyes have told me and…

Although this marks his first elected office, Congressman Kline is familiar with Washington, where he served as a military aide to Presidents Carter and Reagan for part of his twenty-five years in the United States Marine Corps. Mr. Kline’s responsibilities during this period included carrying the nuclear “football” – the package containing launch codes for a nuclear attack. He also advised our country’s senior civilian and military leadership, including the President. Throughout a military career from which he retired at the rank of Colonel, Mr. Kline served as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, commanded all Marine aviation forces in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, flew “Marine One,” the Presidential helicopter, and served as Program Development Officer at Headquarters Marine Corps.

JACKasses. I mean, how hard was that? Doesn’t it click with one of the hundredandtwentysevenpairsofeyeballs associated with this article that one of ‘these (uniform) things is not like the other’? (Especially since Marine Corps LtGen Conway has the same damn outfit on in his photo.) For God’s sake, he even flew the President’s helicopter! Pffft.
I’m so pissed, I could flush something.

7 Responses to “‘The Family Business’”

  1. In typical Marine Corps fashion, Major Dad just did the ‘I know him‘. They were together in the first group of helos into Somalia.

  2. Lisa says:

    Is he the football-toter who wrote the book about Clinton?
    P.S. – My cousin Joe’s son Will made the Marine Band. He leaves for Parris Island on July 18. Squee!

  3. No NO NO NO! Perish the thought ~ ACK! That was Joe Klein and “Primary Colors”.
    P.P.S. ~ Holy Schamoly, that’s HUGE, Lisa!! Our sincere congrats, goodluck in Parris Island (where I went to Boot Camp {8^O) and OO-rah!

  4. Crusader says:

    Minor details…sheesh.

  5. Nightfly says:

    John, Joe – a forgivable misread. I recently called David Gilmour “Doug,” turning a rock star into a hockey player with a few careless keystrokes. At least they both rock.
    Speaking of the band, that’s great news, Lisa! Congratulations young Will on your “kidnapping.”
    Oh, is there any way we can import Colonel Kline and make him the next governor of New Jersey?

  6. Mr. Bingley says:

    Hell, Colonel Klink would be an improvement here in Joisey.

  7. Oh EXcellent article, FLY! You may stay home today.

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