“The Gentleman Says…”

“…he resides here.”

2 Responses to ““The Gentleman Says…””

  1. Yojimbo says:

    There is racial profiling going on but it is not on the part of the police officer.

    If you go to his website at HAAAvard yu will notice that he is a proud member of one of the certified hate groups at the university level-the “ethnic studies department”.

  2. greg newson says:

    Sticks and stones may break my
    bones,but words can never hurt
    me.That is a verse we said in
    first grade.
    The cop had no right to arrest a man on his own property
    for acting crazy.Black,white,
    Asian it doesn’t matter:The
    cops have too much power.Nothing every happens to them.Gates is lucky the cop
    didn’t kill him.That way the
    cop gets a 90 day paid vacation.

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