The IDF Gets a Taste of Warfare

American style.

Analysis: IDF fumes over denied victory
…This wishy-washy decision-making process cost the IDF lives, according to one senior officer. “A military force always needs to be on the offensive, pushing forward and keeping the enemy on its toes,” he said. “When you sit still for too long, you turn into a target and you begin to get hit again and again.”
That is what has been happening. Over the past 30 days of fighting Hizbullah, the army has lost 83 soldiers, 35 of them this week. “That is what happens when you sit still and don’t move,” the officer said. “The enemy fortifies its positions and gains the upper hand.”
The results of sitting in place can also be seen in the way most of the soldiers who died this week were killed. Hundreds of anti-tank missiles have been fired at troops in southern Lebanon. When a force sits still it becomes an easy target, officers said. One said he thought that the number of casualties from “just sitting and waiting for orders” could turn out to be the same as the IDF would have lost had it been allowed to make the push to the Litani.

UPDATE: It looks like Unleash the Hounds!! is back on.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is dissatisfied with the emerging cease-fire deal and told his defense minister in a meeting Friday to get ready for a wider ground offensive in Lebanon, a senior Israeli official said.

I hope they carry through this time. There’s nothing worse than getting jerked around ~ just ask the Marines who went into Fallujah.
Others are watching at Michelle Malkin.
And Bill Quick at The Daily Pundit ~ all I can say is “WOW”. Please, please read it.
UPDATE: Hold the phone and NOT SO FAST !!

Mideast peace deal reached at U.N.
Israeli media say Olmert will recommend government accept it

Slimey Hezbollah jackals will be dancing in the streets at yet another ‘victory’.
Jesus, we’re killing ourselves here.

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