The Islamic Version

…of “Baby Boom”?

A dramatic surveillance video released today by Scotland Yard shows a suspected terrorist placing his explosive-laden backpack next to a mother and her child riding on a London subway car.

…On the tape, other passengers on board the subway car can be seen trying to get away from Mohammed except for a fireman, Angus Campbell, who bravely stayed to confront Mohammed.
Prosecutor Nigel Sweeney told the jury, “Mohammed said not that it was a bomb but rather, ‘What’s the matter? It is bread; it isn’t me,’ pointing at the backpack.”

4 Responses to “The Islamic Version”

  1. He was obviously referring to the Islamic version of the old ‘five loaves and fish(es)’ routine!
    Poor, misunderstood jihadis!
    My one constant moan is that we don’t have the rope waiting for these murderous hopefuls, so they can quickly find out that there aren’t any virgins ready for them!

  2. Ebola says:

    Maybe this is the Jihadist version of middle-ground. “Well, see, we can’t go along with not killing innocents but at least we make sure the recently innocent (unless yer Catholic, infidel curs!) die more quickly!” Ya never know, they do have a really fucked up sentimentality. I still wonder what they consider a good joke. So, Muhammad, John and Mary walk into a bar..

  3. Timothy McVeigh says:

    I wonder if there is any footage on YouTube at the moment of terrorist suspects (aka United States Air Force) placing high explosive bombs next to Iraqi women and children?

  4. Ebola says:

    Well, after you’re done masturbating to that, maybe you’ll shift yer name from a homeland terrorist yourself. Cheerio.

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