The Kind Letter

“…but they both said that they would rather have him never come back than never have gone.”

…and TR’s response.
Makes me cry.

5 Responses to “The Kind Letter”

  1. Oh no. Thank you for finding it, Mr. Summers.

  2. The part that really got to me was this:
    My other three boys are just as daring; and if the war lasts they will all be killed unless they are so crippled as to be sent home. Archie apparently has been crippled by his two shell wounds, but has been struggling against being sent home. Ted has been gassed, and is now with his gallant little wife in Paris, with two bullet wounds; he will be back at the front in a few weeks. Kermit won the British Military cross in Mesopotamia, but is now under Pershing. My son in law, Dick Derby, a major in the Medical Corps, has been knocked down by a shell, but after a week in hospital is back at the front. A good record, isn’t it?

  3. Quentin’s death killed TR. My grandfather was in WWI and guarded Quentin’s grave. His firstborn (my uncle) was named after him.

  4. Now THAT is a story. Thanks for sharing GALA ~ it’s hard to get much cooler than having a little piece of American history in the family.

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