“The Mailbox Belonging to Bill Nelson Is Full”


“Goodbye” to my vote as well, Bill.

I hope all those fat asses at the Commissary today with the Obama stickers on their mini-vans enjoy having the Cheetos snatched out of their pudgy hands in about a year. Not healthy, you know. Porkage ‘costs money’. And all those retirees with the same stickers who are now using the TriCare for Life supplement to Medicare. Good luck hangin’ on to that, Granny. Moot point if there isn’t a doctor that’ll take you, right?


I’m sick. Just sick.

UPDATE: John Boehner just gave the speech of his life. And all I could think was a Skyler-like, “WHERE has THIS Republican Party been for 4 years?!?!?! The bastards have doomed us.

UPDATE: I hear Stupak was the deciding vote, the stupid, stupid little man.

6 Responses to ““The Mailbox Belonging to Bill Nelson Is Full””

  1. Jim - PRS says:

    This is a sad day for the country.

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    Yup. But I do have to agree with John Hinderaker, though:

    * I’ve never been prouder to be a Republican. The party’s Congressional leaders have fought this battle to the end on behalf of the American people–with intelligence, toughness, persistence and good humor. The contrast between the parties has never been starker than in today’s debate. If any intelligent Democrats were watching–there must be some left–they had to be embarrassed for their party.

    It’s really true. They never let the civility drop and considering the shrieking eels they’re in against, that level of self control is amazing and hugely gratifying.

  3. Skyler says:

    Yes, indeed. It’s very important to be civil while B. Hussein puts those chains on us. Keep your chins up, everyone, while the communists lead us down the road to serfdom.

  4. Greg Newsom says:

    ,Skyler, about me being an idiot sometimes.
    But,why do all these bills pass -which the people oppose-
    on Sunday evenings or before
    a Holiday.
    It’ like Sunday morning Pearl Harbor 8-30 AM
    Cowards, like a thief in the night, like Jesus said..
    All the politicans should be taken out and summarily tried for treason.

  5. JeffS says:

    Indeed, Sis, Stupak is a stupid man. And, as per Paco, he’s the new Quisling.

  6. barking spider says:

    I’m calling Bill Nelson’s Tampa office today to ask if that gutless coward is going to have any town halls in the Tampa. I will try not to offer to go up to D.C. and help Nelson find his gonads.

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