The Malaise BoysPersons Are Back

So it seems the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has a new ad titled “America Needs a New Direction.” I don’t have speakers on my computer, so I couldn’t hear the stirring score or the inspired words of doom and gloom; I could only watch the horror show. It opens with lovely scenes of flag-draped caskets of our soldiers and a grave of a soldier in the sand with his gun stuck in the ground topped by his helmet. Nice. And then there are the obligatory scenes of Katrina and Abramoff (never mind the inconvenient fact that he gave money to Democrats as well), with Bush’s and Rove’s photos everywhere. This is followed by the scariest part of all: photos of Pelosi. Shudder. Anyhow, it all builds up to a crescendo of ‘America Needs A New Direction’ which ends with…a picture of Bill Clinton striking an almost Nixon-like pose. WTF? That’s their idea of a ‘new direction’?

2 Responses to “The Malaise BoysPersons Are Back”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    I saw it as well……not much talking, lotsa music. Someone at Protein Wisdom likened it to a Stalin-era propaganda film, which is not far off the mark.
    And there was that shot of Bill Clinton. How is that a vision of a new direction? Is the DNC pining for the days of old?
    Truly, a lame film. All emotion, no plan, just a “Vote for us and be happy!”

  2. Mike Rentner says:

    Clinton will not end his Caesarian dream to rule for life.

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