The Naivete Of The Anti-Americans

So it seems that, shockingly, al-Qaeda has called for attacks on oil suppliers to the US

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) — Venezuela’s defense minister said Thursday that the nation would reinforce security measures after a branch of al Qaeda called for attacks on suppliers of oil to the United States.
Venezuela provides around 11 percent of U.S. oil imports despite diplomatic tensions between Caracas and Washington over leftist President Hugo Chavez’s self-styled socialist revolution.

But military advisor to El Jefe seems somewhat surprised that such measures are really needed

Luis Cabrera, a military adviser to the president, earlier had questioned the authenticity of the threat in comments published by local media.
He said it was illogical that “al Qaeda, which is against North American imperialism, would go against a state that is fighting, though in a different way, against that hegemony.”

I think that al Qaeda is against a bit more than simply “North American imperialism”, and that ‘logic’ should never be used in the same sentence as ‘al Qaeda”. But to acknowledge such would require these folks to give up the central tenet of their religion.
If America were to sink beneath the waves tomorrow, do they really think that al Qaeda and the other muslim extremist groups would say ‘yippee’ and quit their jihad?

3 Responses to “The Naivete Of The Anti-Americans”

  1. I think Jefe should put big signs up by his oil tanks “We HATE the pinche gringo imperialist dogs!! It’s their MONEY we amo. Vive la Revolucion!”

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Shows just a little bit of tunnel vision, hmmmmm?

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