The ‘Old Dominion’

…and ‘pay-as-you-go‘. Pedal to the metal in your pony car? Expect to pony up. And up.

Virginia’s new $3,550 speeding ticket

Starting July 1, an array of traffic offenses, from expired licenses to speeding, come with a “civil remedial fee” attached. That means a motorist convicted of reckless driving (75 mph in a 55 zone would qualify) faces not only a fine of up to $2,500 and a year in jail, but a non-negotiable $350-a-year tax for three years. The law forbids judges from waiving or reducing the fee.
Many fees dwarf the fines. A driver who disobeys an officer’s order to pull into a weigh station would be fined $35 and required to pay a $61 court processing fee. But the civil remedial fee would be $900 over three years.
Drunken driving? A fee of $1,000 a year for three years, plus fines and court costs. No insurance? That’s $300 a year for three years, plus fines.
It doesn’t stop there. Anyone unlucky enough to have 8 points or more on his license (reckless driving is good for 6 by itself) would pay an additional $100, plus $75 for any points over 8, up to $700 a year.
…In fact, Virginia added a fee rather than increase fines because it wanted the money to improve its roads, and revenue from fines must go to public schools**. The fees are expected to raise $200 million a year…
One twist that has Virginia drivers enraged is that the state can’t charge fees on out-of-state drivers or revoke their licenses. For now, the fees apply only to residents.

And I’m really shocked New Jersey didn’t think of this first.
** But! BUT! The children! Legislators just screwed the CHILDREN!

4 Responses to “The ‘Old Dominion’”

  1. nightfly says:

    Oh, but we DID, Ms. Sister. Here they’re called insurance surcharges. One can get rung up to the tune of $250 per year for three years, plus whatever they add on per point over six. (I think it’s six. Twelve will get your license revoked.) I’m pretty sure a DUI also carries a fine like this, though I’ve never heard of it for speeding.

  2. Dave J says:

    Virginia can’t impose taxes on people who don’t live in Virginia? Imagine that! As fast as the People’s Republic of NoVA grows, it just as quickly moves the state to the left. If it gets any worse, it will start driving a lot of people to leave.

  3. But! BUT! The children! Legislators just screwed the CHILDREN!
    Wow. Just like U.N. workers.

  4. Insurance charges are expected, Diptera. The whole thing is risk based and someone with ticketed risks should pay more, as both a deterrent and consequence. But no one expects the state ~ once you’ve paid your ticket/court fees ~ to keep padding the bill for a couple years afterward, too. About the only thing that doesn’t cost a VA driver, it seems, is blowing your nose while driving. (Not yet, anyway.)

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